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Moving It Now
Mover LocationHouston, TX
Started Moving It Now in 2014 after working for Student Movers in Houston Texas after learning all the fine details it takes to run a good moving company. In 2018 we closed down the business due to high cost of advertising, the cost of living in Houston has raised to new levels and it was hard to stay in business and stay profitable. In 2023 we are taking a new approach to the business with more knowledge on Google ads, AI automation is coming more handy with advertising making it easier and more cost effective to run profitable ads that bring in more clients than before. Our team is more knowledgeable on the service we provide and we are able to pay our guys more than before so we are able to keep good moving helpers around instead of using inexperienced day laborers. This second go around we are more prepared and more professional than ever and we promise to provide the best possible service on each and every job we perform.