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Fairfield Moving Companies

Choose the best Fairfield movers on UrMove for your stress-free move. With our marketplace, you can easily hire moving companies in Fairfield without having to make a call!


Moving to or from storage?

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We are a full service moving company that does residential and commercial moves covering the majority of the north east as well as long distance jobs to the south and south east. However most of our jobs are done locally in the Manhattan/Brooklyn/Long island area. We also offer storage options.
Advantage MovingRating4.1
LocationPlainville, CT
Local Movers in plainville ct. Lowest rates in state! Fully licensed and insured. Top quality movers.
US Prime MoversRating4.0
LocationNew York, NY
US Prime Movers have helped over 9500 satisfied families relocate to their new homes. Whether you are moving locally or long-distance, US Prime Movers offers competitive and transparent pricing.
Finish Line MoversRating4.0
LocationMeriden, CT
Fast,Safe and Efficient.

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