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If you're thinking about moving to Oregon, read this first.

We'll cover the state's climate, economy, job market, and quality of life.

Oregon is Big on Nature

No matter where you are in Oregon, you're never more than a few hours from some type of natural beauty. The state is home to majestic mountains, rushing rivers, lush forests, and stunning coastline. In short, if you love being outdoors, Oregon is the place for you.

Oregon Weather: It’s Not Quite What You Think

Despite what you may have heard, Oregon is not always rainy and dreary. In fact, the state enjoys a moderate climate with relatively warm summers and mild winters. Of course, that doesn't mean the weather is perfect all year round. But if you don't mind a little rain (or snow in the mountains), you'll be just fine.

Oregon Health: Excellent for Active Lifestyles

Oregon is a great place to live if you're looking to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. The state has some of the nation's lowest rates of obesity and smoking, and residents enjoy easy access to fresh produce and other healthy food options. There are also plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation, which helps encourage people to get moving.

In the world, one of the most ecologically friendly sites.

If you care about the environment, you'll be happy to know that Oregon is one of the most eco-friendly states in the country. The state has a long history of supporting renewable energy, and it recently became the first in the nation to require all new homes to have solar panels. Oregon also has strict laws that protect air and water quality, and it offers generous incentives for recycling and composting.

Portland: Oregon's Largest City Blends Jobs, Culture, And Safety

Portland is Oregon's largest city, and it's also one of the most livable cities in the country. The city is known for its vibrant arts scene, its delicious food, and its tolerant attitude (it's often been ranked as one of the most LGBTQ-friendly cities in the US). Portland is also a great place to find a job; the unemployment rate is well below the national average. And, despite its reputation as a progressive city, Portland is actually quite safe; the violent crime rate is significantly lower than the national average.

It's Not All About Portland

While Portland is an amazing city, it's not the only thing Oregon has to offer. The state is home to a variety of different landscapes and climates, which means there's something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a big city or a small town, you'll be able to find it in Oregon.

The economy of Oregon is booming, thanks in part to the state's diverse export options.

The Oregon economy is doing well overall, but there are some areas that are struggling. The unemployment rate is higher than the national average, and many people are underemployed. However, the job market is slowly improving, and the state's economy is expected to continue growing in the coming years.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Oregon is relatively high, but it varies depending on where you live. In general, big cities like Portland are more expensive than smaller towns and rural areas. However, even in the most expensive areas, the cost of living is still lower than in many other parts of the country.

Price of food

Food prices in Oregon are about average when compared to the rest of the country. However, there are some regional differences; for example, fresh seafood is more expensive on the coast, while produce is cheaper in the Willamette Valley.

Other Notable Traits and Quirks

  • Oregon is home to a variety of different cultures and lifestyles.
  • The state has a strong sense of community.
  • Oregonians are generally very friendly and welcoming.
  • The state has a reputation for being quirky and laid-back.

Our List of Cons of Living in Oregon

  • The cost of living can be high, especially in big cities like Portland.
  • The weather can be rainy and cloudy, although it's not as bad as some people think.
  • Jobs can be hard to come by, although the situation is slowly improving.

Some Pros and Cons to Consider Before Moving to Oregon

Moving to Oregon has a lot to offer, from its stunning natural beauty to its vibrant cultural scene. The state also has a strong sense of community, and Oregonians are generally very friendly and welcoming. However, the cost of living can be high, and jobs can be hard to come by. Overall, moving to Oregon is a good choice for people who are looking for an adventurous and eco-friendly lifestyle.

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