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Safe Movers

When you’ll be relocating your home or office, moving safe might become one of the most challenging tasks. Such items are heavy and bulky. During transportation, it’s especially important to avoid any damage to their walls, doors and locks. Even the smallest deformation might require costly repairs.

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Preparing for a Safe Move

A professional moving a safe company will ask you to clear the path to the safe in advance. The staff representatives should be able to reach it easily.

Make sure to do the same at your ultimate destination. Safe movers shouldn’t navigate narrow paths in a room that is cramped with furniture, looking for a place to put their load.

Think in advance whether you might need any additional services, such as insuring the safe or storing it temporarily in a warehouse. These options will cost you a bit extra.

Safety Tips for Moving Heavy and Bulky Items

It’s up to you to decide whether to take your precious belongings out before the safe mover arrives or not. Please mind that according to national law, you can’t keep inside the safe that is being transported the following types of objects:

  • Flammable

  • Explosive

  • Firearms

These restrictions remain relevant even for water-proof safes. However, you have the full right to keep papers, money, jewelry and other varieties of belongings inside.

Preventing Accidents and Damages During the Move

Safe moving equipment can handle loads of up to 3000 lbs. The moving help safe movers will bring dollies with them as well as heavy-duty hydraulic lifts with built-in securing straps. To control the wheels, they will rely on steering handles. Such a construction enables them to position and transport the safe with minimum effort.

Lifting plates will be placed behind the item that is about to be transported. Strong traps will be employed to secure it. Heavy safe moving equipment is designed to let the accompanying specialists easily lift the load on both sides to equal height.

A protective covering is applied on the support rails of the equipment. The wheels feature ball bearings and are made of non-marking polyurethane. This material won’t leave spots and traces on the floor even if it’s a carpet.

You won’t need to provide any safe moving tools to the team. They will have all the necessary instruments with them. Plus, they will put the load in a proper place in the  truck to ensure its maximum safety and thoroughly secure it.


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