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Moving Tips for Successful Relocation

Planning a relocation to a new home is an enjoyable yet stressful process. In this article, we’d like to share useful tips for moving out for the first time. If you relocate regularly, this information can come in handy to you nevertheless!

Preparation is Key: Best Moving Tips #1-3

We’ve arranged our tips for moving across the country or within the same city in chronological order.

Start Planning Early

Relocation in the colder months might cost you less than in the period from April to October. Regardless of the season, last-moment moves tend to cost more than planned in advance.

Declutter Before You Move

It’s one of the most crucial moving tips. The more belongings you take with you, the more they weigh and the more space they occupy. Consequently, you have to pay more for their transportation. Sort your items and leave only those that you genuinely like and plan to use in the future. As for the rest, you may sell them, donate them, throw them away or give them as presents to your friends.

Choose the Right Moving Company

In our catalog, you can find a top-notch service provider for any type of move: urgent or planned in advance, short-distance or long-distance. All the companies whom we list offer affordable prices. Their staff is trained, skilled and qualified. Feel free to start the search for an ideal moving team right now!

Packing and Labeling: Best Moving Tips #4-5

Let’s focus on the tips for packing and moving after you’ve decided on the relocation date and signed the contract with the moving team.

Label Your Boxes Clearly

Put identical labels on two different sides of each box. When the movers will be unloading your belongings, they will probably make piles of boxes. If the one that you’re looking for is in the middle of the pile, you won’t need to turn it around to discover what’s inside. 

Pack an Essentials Box

This tends to be one of the most frequently forgotten moving packing tips. In this box, you should put the items that you’ll need to use immediately at the new place: toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper, slippers, scissors, towels and so on. Most likely, you’ll be tired when you reach your destination and won’t want to spend hours looking for your essentials.

Inventory and Protection: Best Moving Tips #6-8

These tips for moving come into play after everything is packed.

Take Inventory of Your Belongings

This is one of the most valuable tips for moving out of state or long-distance moves within the state. When the movers will unload your belongings, walk around with the inventory in your hand and tick the boxes to make sure all the objects have been successfully delivered.

Protect Your Furniture

Here are the most universal packing tips for moving furniture:

  • Remove backs, legs and other loose elements. Put soft cushions in garbage bags and hard items in boxes.

  • If some loose fixtures can’t be removed, secure them with tape.

  • To prevent scratches on flat surfaces, cover them with blankets. Alternatively, slice up a large box and use cardboard instead of the blanket.

  • Shrink-wrap your couches. 

  • Bubble-wrap your chairs and tables. Criss-cross a pair of beams in the center of their legs and fix them with tape. This will prevent the legs from getting loose.

If selected pieces are too fragile or expensive, you may ask the movers to pack them for you.

Consider Hiring Professional Movers

There are three main reasons why it’s better to rely on professional assistance rather than ask your friends to help you:

  • Much higher speed of work

  • Maximum safety guarantees for both your items and the walls, floors and staircases

  • Peace of mind

We offer our clients an extensive range of moving companies to choose from. It will take you only a few minutes to detect the ideal option.

Adapting to Change: Best Moving Tips #9-10

Here is the last portion of our moving tips and tricks.

Plan for Unforeseen Circumstances

In most cases, relocations with the help of professional movers go without a hitch. Nevertheless, you should always be ready for unexpected challenges. 

Imagine that the truck that carries your belongings gets in an accident caused by another driver and some of your things get damaged. To prevent losses, you might want to insure your items before signing the contract with the movers.

Imagine that you arrive at your new rented house and find out that it’s flooded. You can stay in a hostel while you’ll be looking for an alternative place to move — but what to do with your belongings? Probably, the movers will be able to take them to a warehouse for a few days. It would be wise to have enough money in your pocket to pay for the storage.

Take Time to Unpack and Settle In

Some people strive to unpack all their belongings on the day of their arrival at their new home. In fact, there is no need to hurry! It would be much better to arrange everything after having a proper rest. When you feel fresh, you’ll be working faster and making better decisions.

Concluding Thoughts: Final Recommendations

Hopefully, these moving out for the first time tips were informative! Browse our list of moving companies, compare their offers and get in touch with the service providers that produce the best impression on you!

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