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How to Pack Jewelry for Moving

How to pack jewelry for a move? Rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces occupy very little place. Yet they are fragile and they might get lost easily during transportation. Their owners genuinely love them. In this article, we’ll share smart tips on how to pack jewelry for travel.

Gather Supplies

Before you get down to packing, you need to prepare the following items:

  • Sunglass cases

  • Pill cases

  • Straws

  • Paper towel rolls and their toilet paper counterparts

  • Egg cartons 

  • Business cards that you don’t need anymore

  • Buttons 

  • Sandwich bags with Ziplocs

  • Bubble wrap

  • Plastic kitchen wrap 

At this stage, this list might look weird. Yet this is a step-by-step guide. Keep reading further to find out how to handle each of the above-listed items!

Sort Your Jewelry

Sort the pieces. Detect those that you don’t want to keep anymore and decide what to do with them:

  • Throw away

  • Donate

  • Sell

  • Give as presents to friends and family members

Sort all the others by type and size.

Clean Your Jewelry

This tip on how to pack jewelry when moving might be not too obvious — but let’s think logically. Let’s imagine that the surfaces of some items are sticky because of contact with your SPF cream. If dust and dirt accumulate on them during transportation, both substances might form an unpleasant coating that you’ll struggle to remove.

Pack Your Jewelry

The recommendations on how to pack jewelry depend on the types of items.

No other type of storage suits rings better than a sunglass case. Its bottom is hard, so your precious belongings won’t fall out of it.

To make sure your necklaces won’t get tangled, slip their chains through the straws and clip them on the other side. Each item should have its individual straw. For long necklaces, paper towel rolls can replace straws. For short and chunky ones, toilet paper rolls will do.

Egg cartons are great for packing multiple necklaces in one box. String the sides of your beautiful items through the holes in the upper part of the carton. Let the largest part of each jewelry item stay inside the box. Clasp the chains on the outside. Use bubble wrap to create a soft cocoon around the carton.

Another way of arranging your necklaces involves business cards. This is probably one of the funniest tips on how to pack jewelry in carry-on! Take a card and cut a hole in its center. Loop the necklace through the card and clasp the chain at the other side. 

Buttons are a superb alternative for packing earrings. Imagine that one of the holes in the button is the hole in the lobe of your ear and fix the jewel in it. Opt for large buttons that can accommodate one or two pairs of earrings at once.

If you lack buttons, make holes in business cards. Small studs can be put inside a pill case.

Sandwich bags with Ziplocs are perfect for all types of jewelry. Consider putting your straws with necklaces, sunglass cases with rings and pill cases with studs in them. Then, put several smaller bags into a larger one.

If you have free money to spend, you may buy a dedicated jewelry box or case. However, such items are excellent for trips but not too convenient for everyday usage, so it might be wise to avoid excessive costs.

Don’t forget to stretch plastic kitchen wrap around the containers with your jewelry. This measure will prevent the boxes from opening on the way.

Label Your Jewelry Boxes

This measure will simplify the unpacking process. You’ll save a lot of time and effort if you understand at a glance what this or that box contains. You’ll appreciate it when you’ll find yourself in a room cramped with luggage and furniture.

Transport Your Jewelry Safely

Now that you know how to pack jewelry in carry on, let’s talk about how to transport it. 

It’s crucial to contract an experienced moving crew. Such specialists know very well what the word “safe” means! They will place your jewelry in the right place inside the truck. All the items will arrive at the ultimate destination in the best condition and nothing will get lost.

You may ask the movers to pack things for you. They will bring all the necessary materials and tools with them and you won’t need to cut holes in business cards. However, you should be ready to pay extra for this service.

Besides, many service providers allow customers to ensure their items or store them temporarily in warehouses. This will require additional expenses too.

It would be smart to sign the contract with the movers well in advance. Urgent moves normally cost more. 

Most people prefer to relocate in the warmer months, that’s why the prices for moving services are higher in this part of the year. To save funds, opt for the colder months.


Hopefully, this article was informative and now you don’t need to ask anymore how to pack jewelry for moving! Start exploring our catalog of moving companies and pick the service provider that produces the best impression on you! All the options that we offer are reliable businesses with professional and properly trained staff. Their prices are affordable and they receive many positive client reviews. They will deliver your jewelry and all the other belongings to the new location safely and responsibly.

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