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Gym Equipment Movers

Moving exercise equipment requires physical strength and experience. Such items tend to be heavy, bulky and often oversized. It might be tricky to carry them out of your house or apartment due to access and space limitations. If you try to handle them without professional help, you might injure yourself.

Contract skilled gym equipment movers instead! On our website, you can easily find a company that will relocate your fitness facilities to any place safely, quickly and at an affordable price.

Types of Gym Equipment That Need Special Care During Moving

Equipment movers usually have to handle the following types of items:

  • Air CrossFit bikes

  • Dumbbell racks

  • Ellipticals

  • Exercise balls

  • Exercise bikes

  • Fitness fan bikes

  • Foam tiles

  • Foam rollers

  • Free weights

  • Freestanding and hanging punching bags

  • Gravity boots

  • Gymnastics mats

  • Medicine balls

  • Mini trampolines

  • NordicTrack machines

  • Peloton bikes

  • Pilates reformers

  • Plyo boxes

  • Power towers

  • Pullup bars

  • Push up stands

  • The Mirrors

  • Treadmills

  • Rowing machines

  • Ski machines

  • Squat and deadlift bars

  • Squat racks

  • Stair steppers

  • Stationary bikes

  • Step aerobics platforms

  • Weight benches

  • Yoga mats, blocks and straps

  • Many other varieties of machines

Please tell the movers gym equipment in advance about the objects that they will need to pack and transport. This information will enable them to prepare the necessary tools and refresh the assembly instructions. They will be working quicker, which will cut down your expenses if you pay them per hour.

Factors to Consider When Hiring Gym Equipment Movers

The costs of moving gym equipment depend on the following factors:

  • Weight and size. Many workout machines weigh hundreds of pounds.

  • Custom crating. Conventional packing with cardboard and tape might be insufficient to prevent damage.

  • Urgency of relocation. If it’s urgent, be ready to pay more.

  • Distance. The longer you need to travel, the higher the price.

  • Season. Moves tend to be costlier in the warmer months than in the colder.

  • Additional services. Extra surcharges might occur if you want to insure your belongings or store them temporarily in a warehouse.

When you get in touch with the gym equipment mover, they should provide you with an estimate in advance.

How to Prepare for Moving Gym Equipment

To get started with gym equipment moving, you might want to wipe the dust off all the machines. Then, it’s time to disassemble large items:

  1. Remove loose parts

  2. Detach wires and cables

  3. Put the hardware and manuals in such a place where you’ll be able to quickly reach them once you arrive

  4. Thoroughly wrap the equipment 

You can disassemble the machines with your own hands. Another way out is to ask the exercise equipment moving team to do so — in this case, be ready to pay extra.


Whenever you need to move gym equipment, feel free to use our services! We’ll help you find and contract the best team for relocating your belongings. We offer the most trained, skilled and experienced movers for exercise equipment. They’re ready to handle all types of relocation requests. Start your search right now!

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