apartment movers

For those who are moving into or out of a rental, there are several additional factors to consider in comparison to a routine house move. Fortunately, our expert movers are prepared to deal with any obstacles that the distance may present and will move your items up any stairs! We've seen it all when it comes to apartment rentals, having over three decades of moving knowledge. These complexes frequently have tight regulations and standards to adhere to, and our expert moving staffs are prepared to make your relocation as painless as possible.

Saving you time and money on apartment movers

When you're moving out of state, time and money are both in short supply. Our moving companies understand how to save you both time and money.

  • We have handled countless moves for one of the most important and expensive decisions you will ever make. We pad wrap all doors and walls, as well as elevators, to ensure that your property is safe throughout the move. This helps us to reclaim your security deposit since it reduces property damage during the relocation.
  • Hiring a team of two men and a truck to finish your move allows you to stay in your current location longer since hiring our expert moving teams speeds up the process than doing it yourself. This frees up time so you can focus on other things, such as cleaning and packing.

CHECKLIST: local apartment movers

We've put together a helpful list of suggestions for first-time renters for those about to complete a rental transfer! This tenant move out checklist may be your go-to rental checklist for any future relocation you accomplish, and it covers all the bases when it comes to packing up after moving from a rental property.

  1. Reduce the amount of stuff you own: Reduce your possessions to the essentials. Donating items you don't want, giving things away, or just getting rid of them altogether are all viable options. You won't have to worry about moving these objects on moving day since you'll be removing everything else as well.
  2. Notify your landlord about the upcoming move: Some rental units may demand a written notice ahead of time, so be sure to inquire with your home's management office about the proper procedure and whether there are any moving-in or -out restrictions.
  3. Do a thorough cleaning before leaving your rental home: Leaving your place in ruins will cost you money. Before moving out, make sure everything is clean and that any damage has been addressed to get your security deposit back.
  4. Be sure all bills are paid in full and turned off before leaving your current location.
  5. Make a list of everything that needs to be done before your rental is due. Document the condition of the property in detail: Make sure you don't get charged for anything you didn't do by taking careful notes on any damages or other incidents.
  6. Pay extra consideration to additional space: If your rental property has a separate storage unit or storage area, make sure everything you need is removed and stored before you depart. On moving day, you won't have to worry about locating a location for these items.